December 18

December 18

India may not be the first country you associate with coffee production, often over shadowed by countries who produce considerably less. Coming in at 6th equal with Honduras for production in 2021 at 767,208,000 pounds ahead of favourites such as Kenya(16th) and our favourite, Rwanda (30th). We first featured an Indian coffee during March 2021, feature #29. A memorable coffee for all the right reasons. Its come with great anticipation that today we crack into another coffee from India, this time from Altura Coffee Co with help from Langdon Coffee Merchants. We hadn’t had the pleasure of working with Langdons before, but its safe to say, we cannot wait to share some more of their coffees in the future as they’ve been amazing during the process of putting this together. And on a purely selfish note, it opens up a whole host of new producers to showcase in the future and continue our coffee journey.

(Words by agents for Langdon Coffee Merchants) MNEB stands for Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold Beans and screen size of 19 with min retention on sieve 7.5MM 90% with defects count of below 4%. Moisture content is 12% max.

MNEB comes from washed Arabica coffee and output % is below 5. Because of prolong maturation time bean size are big and with chocolate, Orange sweet taste cups. (internal cup notes at supplier level)

Good quality of MNEB we can get from Baba Budan giri region which is famous from Arabica cultivation with adequate rain fall, good topography and soil. Altitudes varies from 3000 MSL to 4100 MSL (Mean Sea Level)   

MNEB from India is considered as the top quality for its signature taste and bean size

Washed Processed.

Tasting notes (Altura Coffee Co cup notes): Milk chocolate, Blueberry, Plum, Silky medium body

Grab yourself a bag here.

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