•  Moccamaster #4 filters (100’s)
    Moccamaster paper filters.
    NZ$ 24.00
  • Hario V60 (02) 40's
    Hario paper filters for the 02 size V60 dripper.
    Pack of 40.
    NZ$ 10.01
  • Aeropress Stainless Steel Filter
    Stainless steel filter disc for the Aeropress Coffee Maker
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Aeropress Filters
    Genuine USA made paper filters for your Aeropress.
    Using genuine filters ensures you continue to enjoy the quality coffee you have come to expect from your Aeropress.
    NZ$ 9.95
  • Chemex Paper Filter (large)
    Genuine Chemex bonded paper filters paper filters designed to work with the 6, 8, 10 cup Chemex coffee maker.
    Scientifically designed and crafted using the finest raw materials, the vone shaped filters extract all the bitterness and sediments during the brewing process.
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Kalita Wave Paper Filters
    100 pack of genuine Kalita wave filters.
    Choose Small to suit Kalita 155 dripper or Large to suit Kalita 185 or the Not Neutral Gino Dripper.
    NZ$ 26.00
  • V60 Filter Papers 02 (100's)
    Hario paper filters
    NZ$ 19.50
    Out Of Stock


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