Brew Gear

  • Porlex  Coffee Grinder
    The Porlex Tall hand coffee grinder is the perfect solution for fresh coffee on demand.
    Compact portability coupled with robust stainless steel contruction and user friendly adjustment of its ceramic conical burrs make it the perfect partner for for your favourite brewer, at home or on the run.
    NZ$ 125.00
  • Aeropress
    The Aeropress is a crowd favorite and it’s easy to see why.
    Taking the benefits of traditional immersion method, the French Press and combining it with the cup quality of filter coffee in one easy to use and portable package.
    The paper micro filter removes the grit that the old faithful French Press can’t and produces a cup in under two minutes.
    NZ$ 75.00
  • Hario V60 ceramic cone (02 size)
    The quintessential Japanese cone filter brewer as seen on brew bars around the world. This stylish ceramic filter features unique rifled walls within the filter cone to enhance the brew and highlight the more subtle notes of your favorite bean.
    We recommend using the Hario V60 paper filters for best results.
    NZ$ 45.00
  • Aeropress - Replacement seal
    Geniune replacement seal for the Aeropress coffee maker.
    A simple tool free upgrade to make your beloved Aeropress as good as new again.
    NZ$ 12.99
  • Brewista Smart Scale
    This is the second version of this versatile brew scale.
    Affordable and durable, these scales are perfect for cafe or home use.
    NZ$ 150.00
  • Aeropress - Replacement cap
    Geniune replacement cap for the Aeropress coffee maker.
    NZ$ 13.00
  • Bullet Cup
    Stainless steel double walled coffee cup.
    NZ$ 37.00
  • Aeropress Flow Control Cap

    Geniune Flow Control Cap for the Aeropress coffee maker.

    Note: Aeropress not included

    NZ$ 45.00


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