December 15

December 15

We love seeing passionate coffee professionals like Michael taking the step to share their expertise with the world, following their own path. While our first collaboration with Sorted Coffee was in February 2021, it was not the first collaboration Michael had roasted for us, having roasted for us under some names you’ll find in this box.

Its with great pleasure that today we present coffee from another familiar name, Colombian producer Luis Anibal.

(Words by Sorted Coffee) Most people remember their experience with Colombia coffee for its full body and rich aroma of chocolate note, but not these beans. Sorted is proud to bring you an exotic, exceptional micro-lot Colombia grown by Luis Anibal which will blow your mind. This special microlot is a rare mutation of the Caturron variety first discovered in Acevedo, Huila. The cherries were exposed to a dry fermentation of 17 hours inside hessian bags below 18 degrees Celsius before drying on parabolic dryers to 10% moisture content. This coffee reminds you of jasmine floral, vibrant and juice red grape with a touch of lemon zest after taste.

Tasting notes: Red grape - Blood Orange - Lemon Zest

Tactile: Light Body – Tea-like Mouthfeel – Lingering Aftertaste

Varietal: Caturron

Process: Honey

Elevation: 1,500 – 1,600 M.A.S.L

Grab yourself a bag here.

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