December 14

December 14

Toasted Espresso joined us in our infancy, becoming our third feature with our first Colombian. A significant milestone as it was the first shipment to New Zealand by Cofinet, whom we have now formed a great working relationship over the many lot we’ve shared.

That Castillo lot was our first in depth look at the importance of cultivars developed for local conditions. Fast forward to the end of the same year and Toasted offered us our first Kenyan feature. A fresh crop from Muthingini Coffee Factory and yet another insight into a cultivar developed for local conditions, this time a new comer, Batian.

Clearly Muthingini impressed Scott and the Toasted team as much as it did us, as they’ve just landed a fresh harvest in time to share it with you today.

Kenya Muthingini AA

(Words by Toasted Espresso) After myriad shipping delays this beautiful coffee is the first of our Kenya micro lot releases for the season and has been well worth the wait.

We're rapt to present Muthingini AA from the Kirinyaga district. It comes by way of the Rwama Farmers Co-operative which is made up of around 2000 smallholders that reside in the foothills of Mount Kenya. The 'AA' refers to the size of the beans separated for this particular lot, 'AA' being the largest size and often the most sought after as this size of bean has the highest complexity of flavours.

Flavour Notes: Red plum, cherry cola, effervescent acidity

Varietals: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Batian

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1580m

District: Kirinyaga

Grab yourself a bag here.

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