December 2

December 2

The H town boys have a vibe like no other. They don’t need to make a heap of noise about it, you just know they’re serious about coffee. They’ve got that old skool cool thing going on, you might call it hip but not hipster. It was their street cred that lead us to them in the beginning, coming together in the form of feature 21 in July 2020.

While we had featured Kenya before, we had not yet been featured the famed growing region of Kirinyaga. Over the years we’d tasted a lot of Kirinyaga but it didn’t wow us, but we held out the hope that if anyone could, it would be the boys from H Town. As such had chosen a coffee from Kamwangi Coffee Factory out of a stellar line up of Kenyans.

Covid had messed with shipping, resulting in it the selection of coffees arriving the week before our collaboration shipped. We never work on a collaboration without having tried the coffee first as we take great pride in what we share, this time we had to make an exception.

The result was so good, we have jumped at the chance to share the new season harvest from Kamwangi Coffee Factory today, again thanks to Rocket.

Located the slopes of Mount Kenya, in the north east corner of the world renowned Kirinyaga county, Kamwangi factory was established in 1983 as the second factory built and operated by the New Ngariama Co-Operative society. Ngariama grow predominately sought after varieties SL28 and SL34, alongside small amount of Ruiru and Batian with red volcanic soil providing minerals and other goodness that results in optimum production and the quality the region in synonymous for. Kamwangi has seen production ranges of 481,571 – 874,800kgs in the past seven years harvests. With increased production, came increased pressure on Kamwangi and Ngariama’s original factory, Kainamui. This lead to the co-op establishing their third factory and beginning production at Kaimugumo. Lemmy Nyaga, factory manager oversees all factory activities, along with his staff members, they undertake everything from weighing and grading coffee, to remuneration of farmers and addressing farmers complaints.

Grab yourself bag here.

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