December 1

December 1

Ozone Coffee Roasters and The Snobby Collective go way back. As a matter of fact, It was a chance conversation with the Ozone team about the importance of transparency and the need to articulate the stories of the coffee producers to the consumer that reinforced we were on the right track with the concept that became our monthly coffee subscription.

Part of this inspiration had come from a coffee roasted by Ozone for The Gitesi project. Supporting an initiative that translated to “may you have a cow” in the local Rwandan dialect, Ozone was donating 100% of the sale price to the project, with the purpose of buying every contributing coffee producer a dairy cow. To put this into perspective as told to us by one of our mates who works at origin, "owning a cow in Rwanda is like owning a Lamborghini in NZ". It provides milk, the opportunity to breed your cow and eventually, meat. The impact (and the challenges of implementation) of initiatives such as these cannot be understated.

It seems fitting and some what nostalgic that they kick off our very first advent calendar, for after all they were our first feature back in November 2018 with a coffee from Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

Nothing could be more fitting than kicking things off with another Guatemalan coffee from Ozone Coffee Roasters.

(Words by Ozone Coffee Roasters) Finca El Limon is one of 3 farms that form San Patricio Estate, owned and operated by Guadalupe Alberto ‘Beto’ Reyes and the Reyes family.

Ozone have worked with the Reyes family for 3 years now. A loyal relationship and friendship has developed, and the farms have gone from strength to strength in infrastructure and coffee quality over this time. The family are always keen to innovate in the pursuit of flavour and quality – values intrinsically shared by both Has Bean and Ozone Coffee Roasters.

The more established Finca El Limon is definitely the ‘jewel in the crown’. Purchased by the family 22 years ago, along with renovating older areas of coffee they began terracing and new planting coffee 9 years ago. El Limon features established shade cover trees, high altitude and excellent aspect to the sun, resulting in the long maturing of coffee, high levels of sugar and consistent levels of coffee production.

Region: Palencia, Guatemala

  • Producer: Guadalupe Alberto ‘Beto’ Reyes and the Reyes family

  • Variety: Pacamara

  • Process: Natural, patio dried

  • Altitude: 1600 - 1800 masl

  • Harvest: January - April 2021

Grab yourself a bag here.

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