Adventure guide

Welcome to the journey, where we take the back road, the slow road and sometimes no road. Adventure where the journey is more important than the destination, 

Welcome to Smiles per hour (Smiles/hr), Outdoors for mental health. 

Smiles/hr is a commitment to exploring on a budget, with a positive outlook. 

Join us as we explore on foot, on the bike or in The Offender, a 1986 ex Army Land Rover series 3 turned adventure camper.

If you choose to follow in our footsteps (or tyre tracks) please follow the outdoor code of take only photos and leave only footprints. And please, support small communities as you pass through and 

We have a few rules that we travel by.

Support small communities

Leave camp better than you found it

Look at the bigger picture. Campsite (doc) fees not only pay for the campsite, but track maintenance and conservation in general. 

Respect private land. Follow the route. Ask for permission. Leave it as you find it.

Enjoy our easy to follow rating system.

Bad – Average – Good

Zero  -   Half     -   One

What we rate:



History / Points of interest:

Quiet / Relaxed: 

Visit again: Would we come back. one point here means we would make it a destination.

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