Rangiwahia Hut

When it comes to huts, some are merely shelter from the storm, where others are a place to relax and take sometime. Rangi (As its also known) is a hut that exceeded expectations. An escape from civilisation. Huts easily accessable  under 2 hours from the road end all too often remind us why we want to eacape civilisation vandalised and in poor shape, sometimes extenuating circumstances mean there is no choice but down grade them a shelter or remove entirely. Rangiwahia hut was breath of fresh air and a credit clubs who use it and those whom stayed night before. The winters day treated me to spectaular views Central Plateau, its snow covered glory from the front doorstep, a specticalk to rival that of Pouakai Hut, another accessable exceedingly popular gem.

This is a popular track.

Take Te Parapara Rd and turn onto Ronfrew road. Follow this to the end, Carparking is available through the gate (2 gates) to the left at the road end. Leave all gates as found. Compiosting loo is available at the bottom carpark.

Getting there:

Smiles per hour rating: 4/5

Wildlife: 1/2

Scenic: 1

History / Points of interest: 1

Quiet / Relaxed: 1/2

Visit again: 1


Posted: Monday 25 July 2022